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The Changing Face Of Successful Recruiting

(By Laurie Kahn) There is an art and a science to successful recruiting. You need to have a strategy for attracting and retaining those you want and need to hire. It is not a quick or easy fix, but one that needs to be put in place, with accountability, or you are going to be … Read More ›

The Smart Way To Compensate Your Team In 2017

(By Laurie Kahn) Radio has always been known to pay extremely high compensation to corporate officers and managers, but has not been known to pay well to other positions, especially in sales and on air. Don’t misunderstand here; once a seller is established, they can earn a nice income, but often it can take years to get there. … Read More ›

It’s All About The Questions

It’s all about the questions…

Whether you are interviewing a candidate or you are the job seeker interviewing for a job, it is crucial to have the right questions prepared so that all can make a more educated decision. We often take for granted certain questions, but it is also smart to add questions for the … Read More ›