Announcing the “Speak Up!” Partnership in Memory of Laurie Kahn

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With mixed emotions, Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio, Inc. (MIW), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of female leadership in radio broadcasting, announces its newest national mentoring program, Speak Up!.

Speak Up! was created in partnership with Media Staffing Network Founder and CEO Laurie Kahn. Fortunately, MIW had the privilege of building this program with Laurie prior to her recent passing on October 27, 2022. Speak Up! encapsulates so much of what Laurie brought to our industry and what she was so passionate about paying forward: a mentorship that encourages and empowers women to develop confidence, sharpen communication skills and hone the ability to effectively speak up in order to further attain career and personal goals. Her intention was to specifically reach women in small to medium radio markets.

Said MIW Board President Ruth Presslaff, “MIW’s mission, and greatest joy, is introducing and managing distinctive programs to professionally nourish the industry’s next generation of female leadership.

Entwined with the excitement of launching a program that is distinct from MIW’s numerous mentorships is deep sadness from the passing of a treasured friend and an enduring member of the MIW community.”

Media Staffing Network Vice President and General Manager Patty Kincaid added, “As we continue to build upon the strong foundation that is Media Staffing Network, we are proud to be working with MIW

to honor and develop Laurie’s legacy. The Speak Up! program is the heart of who Laurie Kahn was and exemplifies the very essence of her spirit.”

Not surprisingly, the official program name “Speak Up!” was coined by Kahn; it is the code she lived by and the foundation on which she built her highly respected firm. Qualified candidates will be jointly mentored by MIW experienced executives and Media Staffing Network certified coaches. Applications for the Speak Up! Mentorship will open in first quarter of 2023 and details will soon be available on the MIW website.

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