Summer is well underway with back to school just around the corner.  If you are like most companies you may be looking to add staff, especially in sales. With current economic crises such as the high price of gas and inflation,  what can you do as an employer to attract and keep staff?  It is costing them more to come to the office, to get out to meet with and to entertain clients and prospects. Those expenses can be lowered by participating in barter arrangements with gas companies,  grocers or restaurants. Allow each seller a specific amount to use.

Review your ‘in-person’ requirements. Consider allowing more work from home days. Maybe it is time to revisit discussions on time management skills or to consider assigning accounts by territory for more efficiency.

Perhaps you are able to help in other ways.  Talk to your team members about what, if anything, is causing them financial stress. Each one may have a different challenge so try to uncover it and help them create a solution. Not only will this help your team members be more productive but your reputation as a caring employer will go a long way in improving your recruitment efforts.