It’s finally summer!  Everyone seems to be taking a break for a little rest and relaxation.  But does your hiring agenda need to suffer just because it’s vacation season?  We don’t think so.  Here are a couple of quick tips to beat the summer hiring slump.

Making the summer fun for your current employees never hurts.  Take advantage of the good weather to add in a few great company activities; ice cream parties, company picnics, and outdoor team-building exercises.   Take photos and share them as part of the marketing plan for your summer hiring initiative.  Everyone wants to work for a place they consider “fun” and this a great way to position your organization as a company of choice.

All the fun things you do with your family and friends this summer offer you a great opportunity to identify passive prospects.  Look for the person who gave you superb service, the hostess who made a great first impression, the clerk who went out of their way to find something for you.  These candidates may not even know skills they have could transition them into the next step of their careers.  Always look across industries to identify prospects to build your bench.

Summer is also a great time for on-boarding and training your new hires.  On-boarding takes time, training takes time, and summer is a perfect time to cruise through it.  Vacations also offer a great way to train by allowing your newbies to cover some basic tasks for vacationing veterans.  Get the paperwork done, the training behind you, and your summer hires are ready to take on Q4!