Why a Solid Job Description


Positions vary drastically - from junior to senior, territories, categories and/or expectations, responsibilities, skills, and goals. That is why it is essential to have a written job description for each position. You wouldn’t go on a trip without checking a map, or bake a cake without checking the recipe. So, why would you hire someone without a written job description?

A solid job description will not only help you hire better, but it is also the best way to eliminate someone who is NOT doing their job. It is a great way to cut down on candidates, saving time in the interviewing process.

Job descriptions should be complete, up-to-date and accurate, but most importantly they should be LEGAL! It is recommended to have your Human Resources Department approve the job description before posting it or sending to job seekers.

Another duty your job description should do is SELL your opportunity. With so many sectors of the advertising business, it is important that job seekers know what you do, how you do it and why someone should want to work there. It will set you apart from your competitors. Even with a high number of unemployed workers, it is still a challenge to hire the quality talent you will need for your team.

Your job description should include the following:

  • Job title
  • Department and who it reports to within the company
  • A description of the company, the market and the position
  • What the job responsibilities include (include # of calls, new business dollars to be developed, relationships, knowledge, etc.)
  • What is required of the position (will the job require attendance at networking events at night, use of a computer, specific category knowledge or contacts?)
  • A brief description of how the compensation will be paid (100% commission, salary, base +, etc.)
  • Benefits
  • Contact info – email & phone
  • A statement that you comply with EEO hiring rules and regulations

Know your company’s policy on which forms/paperwork need to be filled out by each candidate. Make sure they include a waiver from the candidate, which allows you to check their references and background information. Once that is completed, make sure to conduct a thorough reference and background check.

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