What to Look For in a Resume

Not everyone can create a stellar resume. However, a resume should share enough information to peak your interest to warrant a conversation.

  • Take the time to thoroughly read the resume a few times – once when deciding if they are a fit and once just before you talk with them.
  • A job seeker's resume should be the “table of contents” of their experience. If there are gaps in their work history, probe when talking to find valid reasons for their movement or lack of work. Keep in mind; it is not as much of a “red flag” if a candidate has a lot of movement or many jobs due to working with start-ups, new media, etc. DO look for some consistency and quantifiable accomplishments at some of their past jobs!
  • Confirm that all pertinent data is included: if they do not have a phone or email address, why?
  • Check for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation – this is a major reflection of the job they may do for you!
  • Have the properly sold you that they have what it takes to do your job?
  • Have they shown quantifiable facts and benefits?