Small Market Radio GSM/DOS

Sales Management|   Northeast


A truly unique opportunity for an up and coming DOS/GSM

This leader in entertainment, news and marketing operates multiple radio stations, news and digital platforms as well as an events division in upstate NY and is looking for their next leader.

The stations are independently owned and operated by a local owner who is a life long broadcaster. The company has built a solid reputation for excellence, high service and results. They have strong billing across all platforms, but strive to increase revenue.

The ideal candidate will come from a similar small size market or slightly larger, with experience of managing a $2Mil+ budget. Someone who has a vision and can make things happen and is a strategic thinker, organized, creative, solution oriented with a proven sales background in broadcast and a strong knowledge of creating events as well as digital opportunities.

Overall Duties & Expectations:

    • Manage all duties involved with revenue including forecasting, budgeting, inventory management, goals, pricing, etc.
    • Create sales events/promotions 
    • Create an ongoing pipeline of potential sellers; hire, train and monitor all sellers while offering a motivating culture to hit goals
    • Create a culture of accountability
    • Ensure a customer-oriented sales approach
    • Conduct radio sales training
    • Report regularly to GM/Owner
    • Maintain collections in a timely manner
    • Communicate and collaborate with all department heads
    • Be an active part of the community by being involved
    • Ability to attend station and industry events and functions
    • Continue to want to grow and learn to be a great leader

The owner will mentor this position for growth and more opportunity.

The company is an EOE. Interested parties can contact Kate Glenn, for more details.

All inquires will be confidential