Whatever you call it, we offer it: Executive Search,
Direct Hire, Headhunting. Exclusively in media!

We use our expertise, experience and tools to search out the right candidate, more often than not passive job seekers who we sell on your opportunity. Positions we focus on range from C Suite down: Sales, Management, Marketing, Finance, New Business Development, Human Resources, Board of Directors, CIO, CEO, etc. We also offer special programs to locate sellers in local markets.

Each search is customized for a more focused approach.

We discuss your needs and challenges, get to know your culture and work to create a strategy to find and bring in qualified candidates for your open positions. Together we build solid job profiles, qualifying questions and a process for the search. Our team then researches and reaches out to potential candidates to discuss your opportunity. You see only those that are qualified and we work with you to land your ideal match.

MSN has completed searches in markets ranging from New York City to Deadwood, SD, Yakima, WA to Dallas, TX. Regardless of your market size we have the experience and expertise to help you land the quality candidates you desire.

Our searches range from Board seats, Corporate officers, Market Managers/Publishers, HR, Engineering, Financial, Directors of Sales, General & Local Sales Managers, Marketing and all levels of sales.

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