MSN Terms and Conditions

Media Staffing Network is a retained search company. All jobs we work on are real and no other company is working to find candidatesfor that particular position. When we discuss a job with a potential candidate, all communications should go through our team. Candidates agree to not contact client until a Media Staffing Network team member sets up the introduction. As many of our positions are confidential, we ask all candidates to keep shared information confidential. By submitting your resume, we understand that you are in agreement with how we conduct business and agree to not reach out to our client directly during the search or within a 2 year period without contacting MSN.

Remember, OUR TALENT COMMUNITY IS CONFIDENTIAL! Your resume will NOT be sent out, sold or searched on except for our internal staff. It is strictly used for us to match you with open positions and to communicate new job postings! You can feel comfortable visiting our site and submitting your resume.