LSRO Learning Center


Turnover will occur. Competition to hire the top quality talent will always be a challenge.

Having a strong talent acquisition strategy is here to stay. Without a plan, you may struggle to attract, hire, and retain the talent you need to fit your goals.

The LSRO is a DIY online training center to help with all your hiring needs - not just sales! This comprehensive program will allow your hiring managers, marketing team, and Human Resources better understand what needs to be done to compete for top talent. Along with videos, powerpoints, templete, this easy to use program continually adds up to date information on recruitment with new tools to help you navigate the hiring maze.

Broadcasters can earn an FCC credit for participating.

The LSRO provides training on how to:

  • Attract better candidates
  • Build a more effective talent acquisition program for hiring today & tomorrow
  • Up to date tips and trends to be more competitive in hiring & retaining top talent
  • Increase your social media awareness
  • Build a better culture for more attraction, engagement and retention of quality talent
  • Examples of how to identify and build a pipeline of local prospective employees
  • Marketing tips and content to attract a higher quality of candidate
  • Better position your opportunities
  • Interview smarter
  • Market your open positions 

We share templates and tips to help you become more successful in your recruitment and retention efforts.

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