LSR Online Learning Center


We have created an out-of-the-box online solutions platform for locating potential sales candidates both in and out of media!

Satisfy a recruitment initiative for your EEO Program with the FCC while you gain knowledge, tips and tools to build a successful talent acquisition program at your station.

In this center you will have access to training on how to:

  • Attract better candidates
  • Build a more effective talent acquisition program for hiring today & tomorrow
  • Up to date tips and trends to be more competitive in hiring & retaining top talent
  • Increase your social media awareness
  • Build a better culture for more attraction, engagement and retention of quality talent
  • Examples of how to identify and build a pipeline of local prospective employees
  • Marketing tips and content to attract a higher quality of candidate
  • Learn out to better position your opportunities
  • Interview smarter
  • Market your open positions 
  • We share templates and tips to help you become more successful in your recruitment and retention efforts. 

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