Local Sales Recruitment


Media Staffing Network specializes in media. We are staffed with industry professionals who understand rules, regulations and challenges faced by media companies. It is crucial to have the right sales team in place.

Expand your sales recruiting options!

Many markets face employment non-compete agreements or contract issues making it harder to hire experienced media sellers. Recycling the same top media talent within your market may not be the best solution. MSN can reach into the market on your behalf and sales professionals into the conversation about joining your company.

LSR Program

Our clients asked us for help in expanding their pool of sales prospects and the Local Sales Recruitment Program gives you everything you need to hire effectively now and in the future.

The Full LSR Includes:

  • Expert review of your branding and recruitment messages and materials; samples and upgrades provided
  • Recommendatios on sales team structure, competitive compensation models and effective ways to promote from within when seats open up
  • Extensive research into your local market and region to uncover potential sales prospects
  • Creation of sales pipeline including contact information and outreach to those with sales experience - build a bench for hires now and in the future
  • Ongoing, updated recruitment training for your markets - all managers included with built in participation and accountability- Media Staffing Network manages all aspects
  • No limit to number of hires you make

Sourcing & Pipeline Creation

Need help but a full search is too much?

Does your HR team handle employees but not recruiting?

Our clients tell us their toughest challenge is finding time to research who to call for open sales positions. The MSN team has skills to reach out into your local communities to build a target list of sellers who might be interested in a job move. We handle the legwork, prospects, confirming contact information and in some cases, even presenting your opening directly to them! We use our proven techniques to build that list of sellers so your managers can start calling!

Projects include:

  • Company Review
  • Creation of recruiting materials and social media messages
  • MSN team trains your managers how to approach passive candidiates
  • A bank of hours for live outreach into the market on your behalf


For more details and pricing, contact us.