Local Sales Recruitment


MSN is a media recruiting company. We are staffed with industry professionals who understand rules, regulations and challenges faced by media companies. With more competition to hire, it is crucial to have the right sales team in place.

It used to be easy to find sellers who could come in and develop business, not so today. Due to consolidation, many companies have limitations on where they can recruit, or they have a limited talent pool from which to hire. The days of qualified people knocking down our doors is gone.

Our team of expert media recruiters coaches your management team with out-of-the-box solutions for locating potential sales candidates both in and out of media!

Forget about only raiding the competition in your market. Our program identifies potential local and regional sellers who are not perpetual job seekers.

Here is how it works:

  • Consultative meeting to evaluate current sales talent, assess recruiting activity and identify challenges in your market so we can customize a proactive future hiring program specifically designed for your company
  • Our team creates recruitment tools to be utilized in your search
  • We help evaluate compensation packages suggesting necessary changes to better focus your search and entice interest in your open positions
  • MSN researches your region to identify potential sellers
  • While researching, we coach your managers to be more proactive in the future to ensure changes are made with your overall recruiting strategy and success
  • MSN offers several options to deliver new potential sellers to your managers while retraining them on their recruitment strategies for future hiring
  • Options include one-time projects to on-going assistance and consulting
  • Our program includes reporting tools for EEOC reporting

To discuss options, investment and exclusivity for your markets contact: laurie@mediastaffingnetwork.com