Job Search Tips

Looking for a job can be a full time job! It's important to stand out. Share what makes you YOUNIQUE© along with your ability to do this particular job.

Here are some tips that we know will be helpful to you in your search:
  • Know what your skills and expertise are; know what makes you YOUNIQUE©
  • Research what companies you would like to work for and/or what positions where you match their qualifications.
  • Reach out to people that work for those targeted companies to inquire about openings.
  • Re-do your resume to include and highlight the expertise you have that shows you as a good match. Make sure that your resume reflects the same titles as the job profile of the job for which you are applying as it will show up better if there is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) reviewing.
  • Have a personal card made up with your key contact info to hand out, don’t use your business email or phone! Be sure to have an email address with your name so it can easily be found in someone’s email.
  • Be prepared when you have the opportunity to talk to a hiring manager – read their website, annual reports, articles, etc. If possible talk to someone in their company to give you an overview.
  • When interviewing, plan on talking 50% of the time, remember you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. It is essential that all expectations are out in the open so be prepared with good questions about the job, the day-to-day, the training or support that is offered, average time it takes to get up and running, why the position is open, what the growth potential is, what tools are available to help you succeed, the amount of travel, what are the biggest goals of the position, etc.
  • If you are meeting in person take a clean copy of your information, dress professionally and be on time. If you are meeting on GoToMeeting, Zoom or Skype, make sure where you are is clean, neat and quiet.
  • Follow up is crucial. If you are not sure you want the job, let the hiring manager know you would like to continue to talk about the position and let them know what your reservations are; email plus a hand written note are the best.
  • Be sure to update your voicemail so it has your name and is easy to understand. Do check your email and voicemail regularly and respond ASAP.