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At Media Staffing Network, we pride ourselves on confidentiality and personalization.

What sets us apart from other recruiters and services is that your submitted resume is screened by a LIVE person. If your key word doesn’t match, or your experience doesn’t include media, we still take the time to see how you may fit for our open jobs as a computer is not kicking you out of the running. We only accept applicants who make sense for our clients. Once you are accepted you will begin receiving our monthly updates on new positions.

We don’t allow anyone access into our database except our team, so you can rest assured that your interest in discussing a new position is between us. We can help in a variety of ways:

• By joining our free database
• Reading helpful tips on our site
Working with one of our experts in how to best look for a job and present yourself to land your dream job

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To enter our database, you simply need to fill in the info here and attach your resume in a WORD DOCUMENT or PDF. You will be notified by email blast of our open jobs so don’t hesitate to contact us if one of interest is listed. All applications to our database are screened for matching of our jobs.