How to Write a Resume for a Media Sales Jobs

One size does not fit all. You would not buy one pair of shoes and wear them everywhere on an ongoing basis, so why would you create one resume?

When I coach someone in how to write a resume, especially for a media sales job, I ask them to start a file keeping track of their strengths, weaknesses, special skills and what makes them Younique© I want to know what “wins” they have had; special acknowledgements, awards and training.

In learning how to write a resume, remember that a resume is like a title page.

It rarely gets totally read until needed and usually keeps someone attention for 5-7 seconds. Much like skimming a book jacket before buying, it must grab attention of the hiring manager fast!

Our first goal in learning how to write a resume is to take that file and break it up to be used a particular strength or skill of yours applies to a specific job profile or position. Many job seekers can quickly change their resume to apply for different positions needing different skills.

Recent grads that I have coached in how to write a resume are surprised to hear me tell them to put their education on the bottom, because at college they were told to put it at the top. Is that free advertising for their alma mater maybe? Unless you are sending it to someone who is an alum, or are graduating from the top school in your field, what does it matter?

Senior job seekers that I have worked with in teaching them how to write a resume are asked to eliminate jobs that are from long ago; are not relevant to the job they are applying for or to take the college graduation dates off if it tells their age. As far as dates go, it is often better to appear in prime working ages so as not to be judged too old.

In looking for someone to work with you in how to write a resume, consider what jobs they personally have gotten, how much hiring they have done, what their special expertise is and why you should pay them to show you how to write a resume. Pricing can be all over the board, so think about what it may be worth to you to land your ideal job.

If a coach can get you a job sooner, isn’t it worth the investment?