Entry Level Position Sample Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Kelly:

Please accept my resume as an application for the open position of Entry Level AE in your sales department that is listed on your website, Job number B23456X.

As a recent graduate of X University, not only did I maintain excellent grades, but I was also a Captain of their Field Hockey team that won more games than any team in the past twelve years.

My background has required me to be a strong manager of my time to balance school and athletics, which I am confident, will be a quality that will be important in this position. My years of working in a team environment, strong competitive natures as well as my success in leadership are also qualities that I bring to my career. As a chosen team leader, I had to listen, motivate, think creatively on my feet and delegate so that together we could achieve success. I have proven that I am passionate about what I do as well as dedicated.

My goal is to join a company where there is growth potential. My personality and competitive nature have made me realize that my skills will be beneficial in dealing with clients in sales. Your job profile states that your goal is to hire a person that has the desire to grow within the company and that fits me.

I will call you next Monday to schedule a time to talk. Thank you for your consideration. I can assure you that your time will be well spent.


Jean S. Keating
707 444 5566