Cover Letter for Experienced Job Seeker - specific job

Dear Mr. Jones,

Please accept my resume as an application for your Director of Sales in Orlando that is listed on your website.

As illustrated on my resume, I bring a strong amount of sales and sales management in local media. Most importantly, I have proven success in working in a market where tourism is a key part of the economy, so understand working with local direct clients. While in Nashville, I successfully launched cross-platform promotions using on-air, on-line and print to help a local restaurant increase business, which resulted in a 42% increase of their spending with our company.

In your posted job description, you have stated key areas of expertise which you are requiring in applicants. Let me address how my background is a match:

Management Experience/Cluster -As a General Sales Manager at Media Company, I managed a 4 station cluster and led a team of 27 sellers, with only 3 Local Mangers reporting to me. My hands-on style allowed all of the teams to grow, learn new skills and over-achieve budgets 3 years in a row, even in a down economy. According to Hungerford reports, we over achieved the market by 12% in the last year.Multi-platform Experience - Early on in my career, I learned to sell using added value utilizing events and then the website. I have been instrumental with my past two employers in upgrading websites, adding mobile components and have created numerous virtual events, resulting in $800,000 in new, non-traditional business in the last 24 months.Someone able to lead by example - as an involved manager, I have always felt it was important to be out on the streets and not sitting behind the desk. My team had access to my schedule and was required to take me on a minimum of 4 in- person calls per month. I didn't just go with the ‘rookie's, I was out with the veterans too. This helped me better understand the needs and build stronger relationships with the client while helping me guide the training for my team. Ability to train - this is an area where I am very unique! I was lucky enough to be mentored by a successful broadcaster when I started my career and have always wanted to "give it back." Out of my own pocket, I have attended numerous leadership and training workshops, have invested in subscriptions to industry magazines; in addition, I have reviewed numerous training programs and purchased a basic program for my current employer. In this program, the basic's are there along with courses for veteran sellers, too. I have the ability to modify each lesson and review all activity to ascertain who needs what additional assistance.

I have researched your market and stations. I understand what it is like to sell in a ‘vacation' oriented market from my experience in Miami.

I will call you this week to schedule a time for us to talk about your position.


Jane Doe
333 444 5566