Management Hiring Solutions

In addition to our Local Sales Recruitment Program, Media Staffing Network offers expertise in a la carte and customized recruiting services to meet your needs.

The following services are designed to save you time by providing the assistance you need:

  • Job description review and design – how can you hire and manage employees without an adequate job profile? Job descriptions are a key tool in hiring, retaining and firing. We can work with you to confirm they are accurate and legal.
  • Competitive compensation studies including package development – hiring with a 100% commission plan may not get you the top quality talent you need! Let us work with you to develop easy-to-understand, measurable compensation plans for new hires where everyone wins!
  • Resume screening – often a different set of eyes can pick up areas of concern that your managers may miss, or you may need manpower to help screen through candidates.
  • Reference checking – unluckily today it is imperative to know who you are hiring to stop turnover in the future. Let us help dig down to find out if potential candidates really are a fit.
  • Outplacement coaching – when it has to happen, help your ex-employees land quickly! Not only does this help you be known as a company who cares, it also helps keep your SUI taxes down. Let our team of experts coach your team in how to best research new opportunities and present themselves more effectively for future jobs.
  • Interim Managers – did you lose a manager and don’t have one lined up? Let us find a part time, interim manager to hold down the fort while you search for the right candidate.

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