Are you sending resumes to the black hole and getting no response? This is a common problem that job seekers experience. Here are some reasons that could be happening to you:

  • You have sent a ‘One size fits all' resume
  • The posted job description does not adequately spell out what they really are looking to hire
  • You moved too fast and didn't take the time to really read what the job is and what skills are needed
  • You don't have experience matching the skills needed
  • Your resume had errors
  • Your resume did not have the right key words for that job
  • You have not positioned yourself for the job
  • Your entire search consists of sending resumes online

If any of the above apply to you, we can help you navigate what it will take for you to be considered for your ideal job.

Our coaching is up to date and done by our experts who work with both media hiring managers and candidates on a daily basis. We understand what job seekers in media are up against and are equipped to help them stand out. We don't just write a resume, we work with you to highlight your expertise & skills, and to teach you how to update and align your job hunting materials for all open positions that you wish to pursue! Our goal is to help you learn to promote yourself in your current and future career moves!

The MSN Resume/Coaching Package:

  • Personally work with a staffing professional who understands today's media hiring issues
  • Assess your past experience and skill set and apply those to your next career move
  • Learn how to research your ideal job position and how to land it
  • Develop a resume template that showcases your Youniqueness© and can be updated to focus on each potential position
  • Build yourself into a brand
  • Strategize your job search
  • Assistance in creating your online presence to set up appropriate online tools
  • Learn how to connect with potential employers through researching the company
  • Cover letter versus Objectives
  • Discuss who, when and how you involve references

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