Carrie Longmire

Carrie Longmire

Recruitment Specialist


Carrie started her career in Human Resources Management, 15 years ago specializing in recruitment, employee relations, employment law, and policy development. It is here where she also developed a passion for connecting awesome people with the career of their dreams, all while eliminating the stress of both career hunting and hiring for key stakeholders. While she loved her job, Carrie felt her ability to help others was limited through the representation of only one company, and so she began searching for a way to match more people with rewarding careers and companies. This is where Longmire Staffing Services started. 

Carrie understands how stressful career hunting can be. Especially when your focus in life isn't just finding a job. She also intimately understands the need to find a company that aligns with your values and provides to you the needed work-life-balance. She also recognizes the significant investment companies are making when conducting their team member search. The right skills and experience are required, and Carrie believes in working tirelessly to provide this. Many other factors are also important to the company clients, and so Carrie looks beyond what is presented in the resume to match critical attributes. Much like match-making for love, Carrie looks more in-depth than the surface skills to find the perfect match and win-win for everyone. Carrie's ultimate goal is to lessen the stress of the career hunt and maximize the investment for both candidate and company clients alike. She is driven to connect the perfect company with the ideal candidate.

Carrie's does this through her intuitive ability to genuinely connect with everyone she meets. This connection allows her to communicate efficiently and effectively with all clients to develop a personal, supportive and uplifting client and candidate experience alike.