Congratulations! You just landed the job you have been interviewing for over the past several weeks. Now, what!?! Some people take it easy until the start date, while others prepare for the next step in their career path. We recommend a little of both as it will set you up for success.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you start on the right foot with your new employer:

Research Your New Companys Culture

It is hard being the new kid in town. The first few weeks usually consist of learning new names and faces. Before you start, go on LinkedIn and find the company. Follow the company and connect with those you interviewed with and connect with others from the organization. This will give you a sense of who the people you will be working with are like as well as what the company is about. When you go in on the first day instead of feeling like a fish out of water, you will feel like you are more connected to the organization.

Clarify Expectations with Your Boss

Everyone’s onboarding process is different. Some companies will start you off slow while others will start you off running. It is good to know what kind of start you will be walking into from day one. Reach out to your new boss, ask them what you should expect for the first few weeks. Will you need to travel? Do you need to bring lunch to work? Are there certain items you should bring to work such as a laptop or notebook? These first few weeks are critical, and knowing what to expect will help lay a good foundation for your career with this organization.

Prepare for the First Day 

Day one is usually hectic and overwhelming. Generally consisting of meeting a lot of people and filling out a lot of forms. Preparing for the first day ahead of time will help you eliminate some of the last-minute stress most people experience. Things you can do ahead of time include picking your outfit the night before, driving to your new job a few days before you start at the start time to see how traffic will be so you can adjust if need be to ensure you arrive on time. Checking out what is around your new job so when lunch or break time comes, you will know where you can go. Doing these things ahead of time will help you focus on what is most important during the first few weeks of work.

Take Care of Yourself

Starting a new job can be mentally and physically stressful. If you can take a few days in between your old job and your new one do so. Typically during the first 90 days, one does not take time off, so make sure you start your new job refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges of this position.

This is an exciting next step, if you take the time to prepare before you start your new position, the sky is the limit to what can happen for you. Not only will you feel more confident, but you will be less stressed. But don’t just stop on the first day, during the first 90 days you must keep doing things that will help you learn and grow with the company. Make sure you are asking questions, smile, and be friendly to those around you, and keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Your career is in the palm of your hands!