No matter who you are or what background you have, one thing has happened to us all in our lives, and that is we have at one time or another been the new person. It could be at school, church, on a sports team, or at work. Being new can be hard for some, so to help we have come up with tips to help your first few weeks on the job start you off on the path to success. 

Don’t be shy. Go around an introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Say hello in the elevator, or at the breakroom. It will leave a good impression on those around you that you are a confident person and happy to be on the team.

Look for star performers on your team. Look at what they are doing to be successful. Ask if you can shadow them for a day. Doing this will let you know the skills, abilities, and drive it takes to move up in the company. 

Seek feedback from peers and supervisors. Research has shown that new employees perform better when they ask more questions. No one expects you know everything, so use that to get the help and assistance you need. Keep in mind that everyone is busy, so make sure your questions are ones that are most important to you. If you can figure out the answer on your own, then try and do that. Keep a note pad around, so when questions do come up, you can prioritize so when you do speak with a peer or supervisor, they can help you in a timely fashion. 

Learn about your surroundings. People feel better when they feel comfortable in their environment. On your first week, make sure you get to know where the breakroom and restrooms are. When talking to other employees, ask them where they like to go for lunch if they leave the office. 

Take notes. During your first few weeks on the job, you will get introduced to a lot of new people and concepts. Taking detailed notes will help you stay on top of things and look like a superstar to your new boss. 

Remember that it may take a few weeks to get comfortable in your new position. Learning what is expected of you from your peers and supervisors, taking notes, and learning from others will help you quickly adjust to the new expectations so you can become a superstar in your department. 

Written by Jennifer Lane