As we get into the new year, we like to remind job seekers of some important tips to help land their dream job.

Tip #1-  Customize Your Resume

If your resume doesn’t get a response, maybe it is too general and not addressing the skills that the employer needs. Remember, resumes are not “One Size Fits All.” A resume should always be adjusted to use the same keywords and skills as shown in the job for which you are applying.

Tip #2- Highlight Skills Relevant to the Job

If you have senior experience but looking for a less than senior job, shave your resume to highlight just those skills that are needed in that particular job. If you show that you have been a manager or a high-level person, it could scare the reader into thinking you won’t take a lower-level job or that as soon as a better job comes along, you might leave. Try to show that is not the case if it applies.

Tip #3- Use Detailed Examples

Use past examples, numbers, percentages, and illustrations to show what and how you accomplished something and most importantly, how it helped your employer. It is all about results.

If you still need assistance in your job search or with writing your resume, let us know. We can help.