As we do every year, here is some advice for all of our friends and associates. Tips for the job seeker, for the passive candidates and for those who are involved in the hiring process to help your career off to a good start for 2019.

Job Seekers –
Do your homework before you send a resume. Read the job profile and have your resume address the tasks, skills, and experience listed in the job description, so the reader immediately sees the match. Do follow up and ask for a meeting. No matter how desperately you feel you need a new job, still do your due diligence: check out the employer, why the job is open, how you can grow, about the company culture, what training, support, and tools are included? Don’t make a mistake of jumping on the offer without totally vetting the company. You don’t want to be job hunting again anytime soon.

Employers –
Do your homework, too! Does your company encourage growth? Do you invest in tools to help staff get their jobs done? Do you offer a creative, fun, thriving and positive workplace? Are you paying what the local cost of living demands? Is your online career page up to date and does it entice people to join your company? Have you reviewed your job profiles to see if they accurately reflect the job and the expectations you have? This is the best time of the year to talk with employees to see what can be done better. Review what your year should look like and what (and who) it will take to reach those goals.

Employees –
We are in a time when unemployment is at an all-time high. If you are happy at your work, enjoy the ride, give back and keep growing. If you are feeling stagnate, take a look at your daily work and think about what could make it better? New skills? New challenges? Many strong companies are looking to add to their teams. Reach out and have some informational interviews and really dig in to see if the ‘grass is really greener’.

Here are our predictions for this year:

  • Employers paying more attention to their culture and promoting it for stronger retention and recruitment.
  • The roles of the ‘traditional’ seller changing from ‘doing it all’ to more focused responsibilities = team concept.
  • More entry level grads joining the media business as more emphasis to reach them is established.
  • More media companies ditching the out-of-date compensation model of ‘90 days to sink or swim’ as longer security periods are being offered.
    New creative titles as alternates to “Sales” to attract a wider group of applicants.

No doubt about it. Over the last 25 years, we have seen many changes to the media sales industry. We continue to see new technologies and practices requiring new skills and levels of experience. But the bottom line is, most importantly, we always need to connect with those who have the passion for what we do!

At Media Staffing Network, we have a variety of services to help job seekers, employers and even passive candidates (those of you who are ‘kicking the tires’). Don’t be shy, let us know how we can help make your ‘19 a stellar year.