Last month we shared how to review your culture. Here are some inexpensive ideas of how you can improve the culture at your organization.

Celebrate! Create a closer working relationship for employees by celebrating special events. Host a monthly birthday to acknowledge all birthdays in that month. Bring in a cake or find out what the favorite treat is of the people who you are celebrating. Host a funny shower for anyone having a baby or getting married, ask people to regift items for less cost. Make a big deal about special awards, goals being met, milestones, or for someone who has gone over the call of duty on a project. 

Recognize! Be sure to share accolades on jobs well done. ‘Atta boys/girls’ go a long way!

Know your people! Don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, treat each person as an individual and find out their ‘hot’ buttons. Maybe they need a different training program or skill improvement. Maybe they need to get off earlier to pick kids up at school. Maybe all they want vs. more money is some time off or flexibility. Be open, listen to their needs and follow up. 

Open your door! Be there to offer support, don’t let employees be afraid to come and speak with you about different issues they face. 

Have some fun! Work hard and play hard. Include the entire staff in company outings, volunteer projects, team building activities, and brainstorming.