It’s that time of the year when recent grads start reaching out looking for jobs. So, I would like to address two-fold = 1) tips for the recent grad and 2) ideas for employers on what will entice them to join your company. I will be brief, so for more detailed information, let us know and we can offer more in-depth advice.

Tips for the recent graduate:

· Your resume – while career services still encourage you to put your education on the top, it doesn’t go there. A resume gets 5-7 seconds of attention, so put crucial info on the top. Include extracurricular activities and how you interacted to show how involved you were in school. Include measurable tasks where you helped your past employer (or on internships) to show that are results driven.

· Have an email address with your name so potential employers can find your information.

· Follow up. When someone offers to help you, thank them and by all means, follow up by emailing or calling them. 94% of jobs are found via Word of Mouth so every contact is important.

· Research and prepare before any interview, even if it is an informational meeting. Know the company, what they do, who you are speaking with and their role.

· Clean up social media accounts or restrict who can see your posts. They will do homework.

Tips for the Employer who wishes to attract recent grads:

· Be prepared to share how you onboard new employees – include your training, mentoring and growth plan so they see the benefit of joining your team.

· Prepare a compensation plan that offers security during their training, which is longer than 90 days. Don’t forget, they are taking a gamble on you as much as you are gambling on them.

· Lay out all details of the job so there are no surprises, transparency is crucial!

· Share stories about how people have started and risen to success under your guidance.

· Sell them on your opportunity, it is very competitive and the star graduates will be snapped up quickly.

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