As we have all experienced changes in the past few months, we first want to wish you good health. We know for many, this has been a stressful time. But as we all know, this will pass and soon we will all be back to our new normal work pace.

For those of you who need a change, may be ready for a new career or a different position in your current field, we have updated our free tools to help you better stand out in the job market. Business is becoming more virtual which hopefully brings more flexibility, stronger communication, and more opportunities. To get potential employers to take notice of you, your skills and abilities it is crucial to have a strong ‘brand’. Just as you would research and know who you are pursuing as an employer, know that they also will be researching you as a potential employee. Here are some quick solutions to help and if you need more, please visit our free webinars on advice on how to interview smarter and how to build up your brand.

  • Google yourself to see what others can see.
  • Scrub your social media and lock down who has access to view your pages. Lose old social media posts that are unprofessional.
  • Review & update your business profiles to include skills, expertise, and updated contact information so you can be found.
  • Read job profiles for the industry you choose so you can include the right keywords in your resume and profile to show up in search results.
    Take advantage of this time to increase or improve your skills so you can move ahead more easily.
  • Think of strong examples that prove your abilities and prepare to share them.
  • Network, network and network. This is a great time to reach out and talk with old peers, friends, and associates. Most jobs are found via Word of Mouth so it’s important to have that network established.

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Stay well!