With business coming back strong, many companies need to re-hire to build their staffs up. Hopefully, you used the downtime over the past year to review and update your policies. Not only do they need to address remote work rules, but also how you are going to handle the office when they start coming in to work. Most importantly, how did you measure up? Did you look at your own track record for attracting and hiring diverse candidates?

Now job seekers are more interested in working for companies that offer a strong culture, where all are welcome and have similar opportunities to succeed. A big part of that is hosting a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion. And that is much more than posting jobs to diverse neighborhoods. At Media Staffing Network, we have created a live training session to ensure your employees understand how important these topics are to your company’s success. We share how to create strong diversity and inclusion strategies so that all applicants and employees feel welcome. We want to help you build the strongest, most successful staff in town. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you win in the Talent Acquisition game.