Younger generations don’t fully understand what a media seller does. They imagine sitting at a phone making a hundred cold calls a day which is what they are not interested in doing. The younger generations need to be sold on how they can grow while working for you. 

In your job postings, share what this position really does – thrive in a fast-paced business, meeting with local business owners to learn of their challenges, and to create and offer marketing solutions to help them grow. This helps the community by helping local businesses. 

Talk up the creative side of the business which includes developing promotions and events. Don’t forget to talk up the volunteer side of the industry and share examples of how you have partnered with local charities through different types of programs and how you helped them in a time of need.

Share what you do to help them grow in their career, include details on how you train new Account Managers, the sources you use, and how they can earn as much income as they want. 

With the high competition to hire and retain younger generations, we need to make sure they understand what they are getting into and why it is a career they should consider.  Need help? We are here, just let us know.