Let’s face it, last year was brutal. Many of our peers were laid off, let go, or were forced to take significant pay cuts. We went from an ‘employee’ driven market place to once again an ‘employer’ market. Many of these resulted from no fault at all besides a crazy pandemic. Often people who had consistently achieved goals and success found themselves on the street, with few jobs to pursue. Trust me, this will turn around.
So what can you do to find that new job or ‘re-create’ yourself?
If you are not sure what skills or experiences you have, consider taking a free personality profile that offers career guidance. It may help you decide what direction to go. Consider if you want to stay in your current location or if you are open to relocation. Maybe it’s time to move to that special place where you have dreamed about living. Read up on the market to learn more about what employers there are looking for and find out what skills you have that are transferable.
The same can be said for those wanting to stay in their current location. Research industry and who hires the most. Local Chamber of Commerce websites are a great source.
Consider improving skills and take some classes. There is a huge amount of training and courses available online. If you are an on-air personality, maybe you can supplement your income by going into sales – don’t forget people in the market know you which will help open doors. Maybe you are in sales and have skills that other industries are in need of hiring.
Consider who the top employers are and read their websites, especially their career pages to see what skills are important and work on adding them to your expertise. In the long run, use this time as a personal growth time. I promise you will come out all the better for it!