With a healthy economy and competition to hire remaining fierce, it may be time to review your job requirements. While it is important to be very detailed on what you want, which worked well when you had a high number of employees to choose from, today is a different game. With too many tight requirements, you may be losing out on some great prospects. Here are some things to consider when trying to build a job profile or a recruitment ad.

What experience is really needed?

Does a college degree make a difference if they have the right experience?

For a sales job, is it essential that they come from media?

If they have sold a similarly priced item, with a similar sales cycle, those skills should be transferable. In many cases, going outside of media brings a new, fresh approach which could be much more beneficial. What about technical skills? If they have an understanding of the business model and software applications, can they learn your program?

Many companies prefer to find people with less experience so they can mold and train how they want them to represent the company or to do the job how leadership prefers.

To widen your prospective candidate pool, really think about what is required to be successful in the job and open up your parameters.