As we now hit our ‘halfway’ month we are all in a much different situation than what we thought when we entered 2020. In our 27 years, this is not the first time we have seen the media business slow down, it is actually the 3rd time! What we know is that each time, business does pick up, companies still need a top-notch group of employees to help hit goals. At MSN, we have adopted a new ‘mantra’ RETHINK, RETOOL, RESPOND, REBUILD.

We understand many companies have needed to quickly pivot on allowing remote work; many have needed to downsize; many are struggling to regain market share in a struggling ad market.

At MSN we feel this is the time to act!

Use this time to review job profiles, company policies, your recruitment marketing, your website, career page, and social media. Those of you who struggled to hire and retain the employees you need prior to COVID-19 will continue to struggle when this is over if changes to your company have not been made.

At MSN, we have the expertise, knowledge, skills, and manpower to help you navigate what you need today and tomorrow. Let us help guide you in building a full, high-producing team to achieve your goals.

Let’s talk about what’s next for your team.