Rethink, Retool, Respond, and Rebound

The team at MSN is doing well, staying healthy, and working. We hope you are too.

In this continuing time of uncertainty, there is one thing for sure – life as we knew it has changed. This is the time to consider and evaluate what will be different and how it will affect me, my business, my career or maybe even my lifestyle. Many of us have gone through trying times in the past and rebounded so we know that this will happen.

We love to hear from you with questions or challenges. Here is one that came in last week that we felt was an important one to share: “What do I do when my furloughed employees don’t want to come back to work as they are making more on unemployment?”

That very well may be true for many managers and employees. Many employees today do not feel the loyalty that their parents or grandparents once shared towards their employers. Here are a few questions to find out more on what the real reason is that they don’t want to come back to work.

  1. If they are making more money on Unemployment, find out what they have not been able to pay prior to the layoff. Is it enough for an individual or family to live on their own? If they come back, what can you offer to help carry their burden? Can you put together a barter to help employees with gas or groceries? How can you help them weather this storm?
  2. Have you shown them how important they are to your organization? Do they know what their potential is when business reopens? Often people don’t realize the ‘whole picture’ of how they help your bottom line. Sharing how much you appreciate, value, and respect the work they do and how much you want them on your team will help. Discuss how they can grow, perhaps you need to combine some positions with more responsibilities to increase their compensation to equal what they made while off. Perhaps they need additional training to grow, just listen, and set up a game plan.
  3. At some point, unemployment will run out. Research with the person the long term benefits of coming back to work. Show what investments you make in your staff and show you care. It will go a long way.

As we all return to business, not like in the past, many of you will need to re-think your teams, redefine your staffing needs, and retool compensation plans. We are here to help you respond to these challenges for a faster rebound. In the meantime, wear your mask, be kind and safe.

MSN = Rethink, Retool, Respond, and Rebound your talent acquisition strategy!