In today’s world, most people are just one click away from being found. Do you know what people would see if they tried to find you? If not, now is the time to learn! Google is the most popular search engine around. About 90.4%* of users worldwide use Google to find what they need. I can assure you that employers and recruiters are using Google to do their research to learn more about you. Let me ask you a question, have you googled your name lately? What did you see? Was it all positive and professional, or did you find items about yourself that that should remain private?

Everything you post develops your social brand. When looking for employment, it is vital that your social brand be professional and markets you and someone a company would want on their team. Today we will cover tips that can help you stand out on social media. 

  • Clean Up Your Page

What you post develops a story about who you are. If your social media is all about partying, drinking, and displaying jokes that may be considered offensive, that is what people are going to think you are. If you want to post fun pictures, you can, but make sure it is on a private social media page where ONLY your close friends and family can view. On your professional page, show pictures that represent you in the way, you would like your employer or potential employer to see you. Remember, “Perception is Reality!”

  • Be Social

Post about things you are passionate about professionally. Share posts that reinforce those views. But make sure it is something that you would be proud to share in person. This is part of building your brand, so make sure it reflects who you are!

  • Connect With Others in Your Field

Join professional online networking groups that share the same interests are you. This will help you grow as a leader in your industry and make you the go-to person on social media for that topic.

  • When Posting Use Pictures and Emojis

People scroll down their pages pretty quickly these days. What makes you stop and look at a post? I would think it would be the picture or emoji that was used that caught your eye. People love visuals; if you need help with your visual, we suggest using a site called Canva. They have great customizable templates that can help you stand out online. 

If you are not currently doing these things, don’t worry. Before you submit that next resume, go online, and start utilizing these tools. This will help you with your next position as well as those in the future. If you need more help developing your social profile or want to learn how to learn other items such as how to write an effective cover letter and resume. Our website can help you. Go to the “I Want A Job” section to learn more!

Happy Job Hunting!




Written By Jennifer Lane