Do you post jobs and wonder why you don’t get the ‘right’ candidates responding? Perhaps it’s time to review your message.

With low unemployment and high competition to hire, it is important to sell your opportunity to potential job seekers. If you are promoting that you are “hiring sellers–if you have a strong work ethic, want to work hard, respond to this ad” you may get little to no response.

Today’s job seekers want to know more about the company, the opportunity and how they can grow if they accept the position. Change your ads to include how you invest in your employees with support and training, share stories about how you have helped both employees and businesses grow, talk about what YOU do for your employees. Let them know you have benefits, support and a plan to help them succeed.

Not long ago I wrote an article on not using the word “SALES” in your ads, to even consider changing that title. Some people offered responses that ‘sales is an honorable job and how dare I suggest not using it.’ Trust me, I am a salesperson. I understand all of this. But as a recruiter, I also see how the word turns job seekers off. At a recent career fair, I asked a room of recent grads “who wants to be in sales?” Not one raised their hand. However, after I discussed what a ‘seller’ does, many changed their minds and decided to discuss those opportunities with the recruiters in the next room.

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