Do you think you run a great department? Reputation is crucial in attracting and retaining the people you need to achieve success. If you aren’t sure, and even if you are, I suggest you do three things.

First, check out to see who is saying what about you. Job seekers rely heavily on research and they will do it before ever agreeing to speak with you about a position. If they read less than flattering reviews, you may struggle to land the people you have targeted. Make sure you have a full Glassdoor profile and if there are negative reviews, find out why. Encourage your happier employees to go on and add a positive review.

Second, conduct a survey to find out what is going on at the company. Don’t ask for names, promise confidentiality, better yet, ask a third party to conduct for you. Listening to your team can offer great insight as to what works and what doesn’t.

Third, start conducting ‘exit’ interviews. The amount of information you can gain when an employee departs is essential to building a better company, culture, and experience going forward. You can learn if you positioned the job correctly; if the training was adequate; if the compensation is in line for the market, or if there is a ‘bad apple’ on the team. All valuable information.

These tasks won’t take long but will save you an enormous amount of time and money in the future.


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