We are starting to see more jobs open up as the economy improves. One thing that came out in the past year is that employers need to hire people who are good at “multi-tasking”. As companies were forced to lay-off employees, those who remain often found themselves doing more than their traditional duties.

To remain an integral part of the team, to ensure you are safe from layoffs, or if you are finding yourself looking for a new position, think about what you can do that proves you are able and willing to go over and above the “call of duty”.

  • If you are on-air, are you able to take on a sales list?
  • Are you in sales and trained in how to do your own production?
  • Can you handle your own implementation of promotional events for your clients?
  • Are you able to create marketing materials to help your peers?
  • Are you self-driven and motivated to put yourself through needed training to increase your skillset?
  • Are you self-sufficient and inputting your own orders into internal systems?

Many companies are now back to asking sellers to handle their own resea

rch, inputting, and trafficking for their orders.

If you are stumped, spend some time reading job profiles of companies who are hiring for a position that you are interested in pursuing. Evaluate your skills. See what the hiring companies are looking for and be sure to highlight those skills when applying.