First and foremost, we at Media Staffing Network wish good health to all.

We are all experiencing a crazy time, unlike anything most of us have ever seen. Many of you are working from home and trying to manage a team without seeing them in person on a daily basis. We know it can be daunting.

At MSN, we have been a 100% virtual company for 12 years and have lots of good tips to help you work, manage, hire, and onboard in a remote world. Click here for these free tools.

We have some ideas on how you can be more productive as a manager, owner or operator.

  • Many of you may have needed to downsize your staff. Use this time to review all job descriptions to make sure tasks are not falling through the cracks. Re-assign duties and see what cross-training needs to be done to educate everyone on how to best handle new responsibilities.
  • Update your handbook, policies, and procedures to include remote workers. Lay out what is expected, required, and don’t forget to include communication rules.
  • Invest in tools to help all working remotely. Perhaps an inter-company communications program like Slack. A platform where all can access needed materials to do their jobs.
  • Host creative brainstorming sessions to develop ways you can help the community and clients.
  • Invest in online training for all departments. Your sellers need help learning how to navigate this new world. Your managers need training in how to monitor work, keep spirits up and help the teams bring in business.
  • This is a great opportunity to start building your story on why you are an employer of choice in your industry and community. Hiring will come back. You will still need top-quality talent on your team. Boomers are still retiring and will need to be replaced by Millennials and Gen Z’s. To better understand how to attract, hire and retain them, encourage your managers to participate in our Local Sales Recruitment Online Learning Center. For $399 and a few hours time, your leadership team can build an effective talent acquisition program AND earn FCC credits.

Please know we are all here, we are working and happy to help with any of your needs.

If you have needed to downsize and want to help those displaced employees, ask about our Outplacement Programs.

Stay safe!