With automation tools trying to help the job seeker, they often don’t help as much as they hinder.

As a recruiter who captures resumes for current and future opportunities, we invest in applicant tracking systems. If a job seeker wants to be considered for jobs, it is imperative to be accepted into a recruiters system. However, when job seekers send us resumes, they are often not in a format that we can capture. There are many online resume builders who have moved to a 2 column format, often with several boxes for additional skills to be highlighted. While these may be ok to take on an interview, most recruiters don’t care for them.

Here is why:

  • The information is hard to read as it is all over the page, remember a resume usually gets 5-7 seconds of attention so it is key to make it easy to read.
  • There is no order or consistency. A reader needs to really look to find skills, past employment, often the contact information. They take too long to read and often get passed over due to that fact.
  • Many of the employer’s systems can’t convert the resume into their system. If a resume is sent as a scanned attachment or in a PDF, it can be hard for smaller companies to convert so they don’t bother to go the extra steps it takes to capture. Thus those job seekers don’t even go into the system and will lose out on current and future opportunities.