It’s a new year! We are all hopeful for a return to our new normal. At Media Staffing Network, we are feeling confident that media hiring will increase in 2021 creating new opportunities in many categories. Companies that needed to downsize are slowly ramping up and revisiting various positions to fill. There will be new positions created and new sets of working rules.

A few important reminders of what we learned the last year:

  • Pivot was the ‘hot’ word. We all learned that at a moment’s notice we needed to be able to jump in and help others in our same positions and those who do different jobs. While it was a challenge, we learned something valuable. In the long run, possessing multiple skills will make you a more desirable employee. As a job seeker, more skills equate to better opportunities!
  • Working remotely. While this is something that many companies have offered for years, it is a new concept to some of you. Happily, we learned that it can be done successfully. Getting organized, setting up a home office and learning how to effectively communicate through online apps allows us to work in any situation. And, it helps increased responses from job applicants who are looking for just that type of opportunity.
  • Multi-tasking. Setting boundaries. Getting organized. Taking care of ourselves and our families. All skills that needed our attention to be effective and help navigate an ever-changing life situation. We learned that we can do it all effectively, even if differently.
  • CRM’s. They may have been around for a while, but for the first time many of us we realized the importance of using Customer Relationship Management systems to keep leaders and sellers on top of activity and progress for their teams. A must-use tool!

We wish you the best in whatever situation you currently find yourself. We are here to help with your career questions, effective strategies, and of course to help you fill a pipeline your open seats.

Take care, be well, and be safe. Happy New Year!