We all know that the world today is not what was two months ago. The same goes for your job search. How you looked for jobs and applied for employment has changed. What are you doing to make sure you are standing out amongst the crowd of job seekers? 

Here are some tips that can help you be the employee of choice in this uncertain time. 

  1. How you present yourself matters. Whether on the phone, on zoom, or in person, how you look, speak, and act, make a significant difference in how people will perceive you. The rules of interviews have changed. Before you may have done through this process (email, phone call, skype call, in-person interview), but now with remote work becoming the norm, online interviews are coming right after the initial email. Make sure on these 1st meeting you are making a good impression. 
  2. Make a video resume. With life going more and more virtual, accompany your traditional resume with a video that showcases all your strengths and abilities for the specific job you are applying. This could be your time to shine in a way that wasn’t seen before with traditional resumes. 
  3. Make sure you are social! Staying connected online with friends and family is key to finding your next position. Studies have shown that over 80% of the jobs you get are through who you know. This doesn’t have to be in person. You can connect with people online on sites such as LinkedIn. 
  4. Follow-up! This one has not changed that much. After any meeting either online or in person, make sure you are following up with a thank you card or email. These days, people are just not taking those steps. Getting a thank you for your time or following up on action items given during a call shows you care and that you want the job. 
  5. Stay Positive! It is hard to do this one during times of struggle. But people love working with positive people. It is infectious! Make sure you are representing yourself in this way. Good things come to those who stay the course. 

If you need more tips on how to land that perfect job, visit our website and watch our series of webinars designed to help you through interviewing, job-seeking, brand building, and more. We also offer coaching packages for those who need extra help. 

Remember, stay positive. The job you always wanted is just around the corner!