We often get calls from those wanting a new job asking if we can find one for them. We can sure help, but most of the work needs to come from them. As a recruiter, our fees are paid by employers who have specific job needs that need to be filled. It is very difficult to present someone who does not have the skills or expertise required for that particular job. However, being in a situation where you know you want to make a move, how can a recruiter help?

Here are some tips:

  • Do research those recruiters in your industry.
  • Review how they work- if they work on contingency (get paid on fill), they more than likely are competing with other recruiters and often the employer themselves. Often, there really are no jobs open but the employer is testing the waters to see who is out there or the recruiter could get frustrated due to the client not being sure what they want, so they drop out. A retained agency only works on real jobs. They work with the client to flush out all details so that the candidates can be better prepared. They keep your name confidential to spare any repercussions with your current employer and would not pitch you for a job without your permission. They share expertise with both sides via coaching, hand holding and really probing the match. They are in it to win and for both sides to be happy. As they are being paid to do the work, there is no pushing to make a bad decision.
  • Reach out to make an introduction, let them know what you do, what you desire, why you want to make a move, if you are able to relocate, what income you are currently earning and any unique facts about your career.
  • Send them an updated resume showing all of your skills- many use tracking software and you want to show up in all appropriate searches; they should work with you to refine the resume for any particular job which they are presenting you.
  • Build a relationship with them on trust and honesty. If you are up for other jobs, if you have been let go, whatever the circumstances let them hear it from you and not elsewhere. Most recruiters are pretty well connected and could hear from other sources. You want them to help you so it is crucial to be upfront and honest.
  • Recruiters can help you with suggestions to your resume, your social media, how to best position yourself for a job, can help negotiate your job and can give you a great view on what is realistic
  • Recruiters can reach out to you to check in and see how happy you are currently and to bring new opportunities to you for consideration.
  • Recruiters can pay you for referral fees if they share job details with you, but aren’t a fit for you, so you refer a friend or peer.

If you need help looking for a job check out our tips on our website. We offer career coaching, too!

Laurie Kahn
CEO-Media Staffing Network