We get a lot of questions on how to attract, motivate and retain younger generations. We hear a lot from employers who think that ‘younger generations need to get with it’. If that is your attitude and how you approach hiring and onboarding of your new hires, you may fail miserably.

The younger generations are here to stay and can be extremely productive. They really don’t need coddling or special treatment. They really aren’t that difficult to have on staff. What they ask for is not out of line.

The most important things the younger generations want are transparency, honesty, and for employers to deliver what is promised. For years there has often been misinformation or lack of information for prospective new hires. A job profile that doesn’t cover day-to-day expectations, not covering in advance what the training entails, how long it can realistically take to create a billing list that covers living expenses, how competitive it can be, is lacking. We owe it to our companies and to our prospects to cover all details in advance. Share details on your website about your culture and your mission. Discuss your training, support, and fun things you do. Talk to sellers to find out how to best position your open jobs. Lay it out upfront and you will see a better connection going forward.