We continue to get questions from clients about why it is so hard to recruit, especially sellers, in today’s market. Let us remind you of why this is happening:

  • Time of the year – many employees are not interested in making a move until after the holidays
  • Tight labor market – COVID changed many minds about how they view going into an office every day
  • Costs of labor are increasing and media sales starting compensation is usually very low
  • Lack of educating the community on why they should work for your company

Immediate fixes we suggest:

  • Review your culture and make necessary changes, doing a survey works wonders!
  • Consider hiring part-time or flex-time sellers as it opens up a much larger talent pool. Do sellers really need to report to the office every day?
  • Understand your local updated cost of living.  Can someone afford to work on your starting compensation packages for up to a year?
  • Update your website and social media, sharing reasons why you are a good place to work.
  • Use socializing over the holidays to reach out to new prospects and add them to your pipeline of potential sellers.

Recruiting is now a 24/7 commitment and without it you will struggle. At Media Staffing Network, we have numerous solutions to help you succeed and stand above the competition in hiring!