It’s that time of year when a new class of graduates starts looking for jobs. At Media Staffing Network we understand how exciting and scary this can be. Whether you are just graduating or changing your career path to media we have come up with some tips that can help you position yourself as the candidate of choice when applying for media positions.

Update Your Resume

It is crucial that your resume is up to date when applying for jobs.  In our last blog “Is Your Resume Helping or Hurting You?” it covered all the do’s and don’ts in resume writing and what employers are expecting. Remember, most recruiters have 5-7 seconds to review a resume, so crucial information needs to be on the top!

Take Advantage of Job Search Tools 

For those seeking employment in media, there are plenty of ways you can get connected with those seeking to hire. Sign up to be on job boards such as 0 to 3 Talent Bank or with national associations such as the NABRAB, Local Media Association, or your local broadcasters associations. All of these organizations are here to help those in media.

Clean Up Your Social Media 

With everything going digital it is easy to find out about people even before they come in for an interview. According to SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management), 91% of recruiters will search you online prior to the interview. What does your online brand say about you? Take a look and make sure that you edit your profiles removing all items that would make you look bad. Remember first impressions are everything and you may not make it to the interview stage if you have items online that showcase you in a negative way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Intern

For a lot of graduates and those seeking a career change, it can be hard to land a job if you don’t have a lot of experience. Getting an internship will allow you to see all aspects of the career you have chosen and provide you additional insight into what you might want to do once you are done. According to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), 81% of those who took internships were hired by the end of the program. is a great place to check to see if there is an opportunity near you.

Lastly, remember that finding a job is a job. Treat each day of your search like you are working. Have goals in place and stay positive. This process is not the same for each person so try to stay the course. In time you will land the career you have always been looking for. If you need more advice, sign up for our newsletters and check out our page “I Want A Job” that has tips and tools to help you along the way.

Happy job hunting!