Written by Laurie Kahn

As we soon say ‘good-bye’ to 2020, many of us still struggle to build and retain the people we need to achieve our budgets and goals. While this was a major issue during low unemployment, even with so many now unemployed, it can remain a struggle.

For continual success, just as we have target accounts to bring on as advertisers, our managers need to do a better job of letting those in our community know what we really do and why a career at your station(s) is something they should consider.

It is important to brag. Remind your listeners and your community on how you help them both. We have read about how important it is for younger generations to get involved, give back, and help those in need, this is something they look for in an employer. These are things broadcasters have done for years to maintain their licenses, but oh so important now to attract a higher quality of prospective candidates.

Use your website and your on-air personalities to share how you have helped. Whether it be how you have helped a business grow and thrive through strategic marketing from your team to how you help local charities by partnering with them either through promotion or from hosting events such as a coat or food drives, or through supporting a local cause, etc. When you are done with an event, share what you accomplished. Have you helped a local group? Get a testimonial for your website and social media. Share impressive numbers about how many your event fed or clothed.

Today to be competitive in talent acquisition, you should have a strong online presence as job seekers will do homework before agreeing to an interview. If you don’t have a career page included in your website, it’s time to add one. Share pictures and videos of your events, your workspace and your employees. Talk about clients you have helped; include testimonials from a variety of your team so they can voice why they enjoy working for you and helping the community. Include a good span of age groups for diversity so that any demo will feel comfortable accepting an offered job. Be sure to include how you train and support new hires and fun things you do to ensure happy employees. Sell them on working for you!

Train your managers who are involved in the talent acquisition process how to not just interview prospects but to sell your opportunity to those you have identified as someone who you want on your team. Create a cheat sheet of awards, recognitions, unique benefits, and growth opportunities that your employees have accomplished to use when meeting with prospective candidates.

It will always be competitive to hire top talent across all departments, the more you can do to create a positive reputation will help assure you of attracting stronger talent. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you with your talent acquisition.