According to a recent LinkedIn/NBC report, employers are strongly encouraging workers to come back to the office and are offering some interesting incentives to get them back. Some of the top requested perks include:

  • Caregiving assistance:  not just for childcare but also help for those who care for other family members.

  • Flexibility:  the days of punching a clock are over. People want the ability to attend meetings, appointments, and other important events as needed.

  • Mental health support:  many are still struggling with anxiety, depression and need help coping.

  • Technology support:  knowing that when they can’t be in the office, they have the tools to not miss a beat.

According to several sources including Forbes, LinkedIn, and Zenefits, those who choose to work from home should expect a pay adjustment. We are seeing approximately 25% less pay for those who choose that option as long as the compensation still matches the Cost of Living for that area.