Last year did a number on many broadcasters. Did you need to let people go or lay them off? Are you starting to see your current team stretched as far as they can go? A stressed-out employee won’t be as productive as you need.

Have you considered utilizing the people you had to lay off on a part-time basis? Or using some of your on-air staff to take on sales during their off-hours? To many, they are ‘celebrities’ and can open doors easily throughout your community. Or even advertising your positions being ‘part-time’? 

Often with offering more flexibility, you can find higher quality job seekers who are not interested in a full-time gig. This helps you in not needing to supply benefits, a dedicated desk or phone which can save you lots!

The pool of people for you to consider on a more ‘flexible’ basis, often come with great sales skills. Consider those working retail, perhaps they don’t want to work nights or weekends. Some of the most talented media sellers have come from selling cosmetics, clothing, cell phones, real estate, mortgages, and even mattresses! Don’t forget about teachers, coaches, and those from the hospitality business who have suffered greatly in the past year. We saw a client hire a copier repair person who brought in three new orders the first week and within a year was promoted to management.

As you rebuild your team, think out of the box. If you need help doing so, let us know, we have solutions!