Unemployment is at an all-time low. People aren’t aging as they have in the past, they are active, smart and still hungry. They have many skills that younger workers need to learn and have the drive and interest to learn from younger workers. Mature sellers often have years of contacts and they usually have strong work ethics. Keep in mind: 60 is the new 40.

One time I had a broadcaster share a story; she had a 72-year-old man who wanted to sell for her. She kept putting him off. To show her he could do the job, he went out on his own and got 2 orders for her stations so he could prove his worth. She asked me “What do I do?” My response was a hearty “HIRE HIM!”.

Many seniors are not ready for 100% retirement. Some got hurt in the last recession and need the income. Often those 65+ can be productive members of your staff. Have you thought about doing a job share with 2 veterans? It can work. How about setting up a veteran seller with a newbie for a job share or mentoring project? It can work. Consider hiring a few veterans who all work part-time?

It really shouldn’t be about someone’s age, but the ability to do the job. In this time where there is a strong need for talented sellers, don’t forget the seniors. If you need help putting together an age-diverse team, let us know. We have ideas!