The summer is almost gone and we all wish COVID-19 was gone too. While these past months have been challenging, many of us have much to be thankful for, of which we sometimes need to be reminded. We know there will be a future, but may not yet have a handle on what it will look like. But we all know it will be a ‘new normal’. Luckily many of us have spent valued time with families or friends, started and finished long-overdue projects, taken up new hobbies, and perhaps taken on new skills. Many of us remain working remotely so now managers are aware that it can be done successfully. Some companies have announced that they are not opening offices until after July 2021.


At MSN, we are and have been big proponents of offering part-time or flexible work opportunities. Being open to considering this type of situation, companies can attract a higher quality of worker, afford someone they may not have been able to before, possibly keep someone close to retirement for a while longer and save money. Bill Gates feels that the number one benefit you can offer today is flexibility. CBS Sunday Morning recently ran a story on “GAP” workers, those who choose or need to have multiple jobs at the same time. With many companies needing to cut workforces, this brings an affordable solution option if needed.

Our team has extensive experience helping companies retool their teams so that they can quickly rebound. We are much more than ‘just recruiters’. If you struggle to hit revenue, attract the talent you need, or simply need a higher quality of job seeker, we have solutions for you.

Be safe, be smart, and know that we are here to help.