As we soon close out 2020, there is one thing that stands out and should be considered going forward.

Many of you for the first time, had a remote workforce, and in most situations, it worked!

Broadcast is not the sexy, hot medium that attracts a high amount of quality prospects for employment. We have to work harder to find the people we need but often we are our own worst enemies. We limit who we will consider for our open opportunities.

For years I have been a proponent for utilizing part-time workers, flexible time and remote workers. I encourage all to review job profiles annually and take out anything that is limiting and doesn’t affect someone’s ability to do the job. Does a college degree make a better on-air personality or seller? No!

The biggest challenge broadcasters face is when they limit hiring to those who have media experience. Many markets don’t offer a full roster of media professionals and with relocation dwindling, there are different solutions that need to be explored. Consider locals who have strong contacts, good skills, and just need to learn media. One market I work with hired a copier repair person as he knew every business in town. In the first week he brought in 3 new orders! It can work. We have seen lots of success in hiring from a variety of careers such as beauty consultants, insurance or mortgage brokers, hospitality workers, teachers, and retail. Don’t discount anyone over 50 as there are a lot who bring experience, skills, and contacts to the game.

To attract a larger group, think about using part-time workers. Much of the younger generation enjoys working more than one job. Many seniors want to cut back hours. Working parents may need to work limited hours but still, bring a high value of work ethic to your team.

We have seen several success stories where sellers don’t even live in the same market. A station GSM loved her job, so when her husband was transferred from ID to KY, they created a new position where she could work remotely. The investment of time and training they put into her over the years was not lost.

The one tool that helps keep success with remote workers is to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. They are great for monitoring activity, creating reports and accountability. If your team balks at using it, create a policy that those who don’t utilize will lose part of their commission. Enforce it, promote it, and use it.

Life in the workplace will look very different but can still be a great career choice for many. Just look out of the box!